2 Pack BAUER Supreme One 80 Ice Hockey Sticks Intermediate Flex. Bauer One 80 ice hockey stick will be sure to add lamp lighting ability to your game. This mid kick point stick features a premium carbon composite contruction and re-akt technology with TOE-DRAG tactile to help with dangles. The blade has a Pure Shot […]

2 Pack BAUER Supreme S170 Season 2017 Ice Hockey Sticks Senior Flex. 2 Pack BAUER Supreme S170 S17 Senior Composite Hockey Stick. The 2017 Bauer Supreme S170 Composite Stick hails from Bauer’s notorious Supreme stick line, and you know it as soon as you pick it up. The stick has the well-balanced feel that Supreme […]

2 Pack BAUER Supreme 170 Ice Hockey Sticks Senior Flex. Premium carbon composite construction 3k carbon composite blade wrap AERO FOAM 1 blade core Mid-Kick point Pure Shot blade profile SUPREME power taper Square double concave shaft dimensions Matte finish. TRUST YOUR EQUIPMENT TO OUR TEAM BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW DOES IT FELL ON ICE. […]

2 Pack BAUER Supreme 1S Season 2017 Ice Hockey Sticks Senior Flex. The 2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick is the most Powerful, versatile and durable Supreme stick created yet. The most eye catching new technology is the RenewCore blade. Liquid RenewCore is a pressurised gel that has been injected into the blade core. Not only […]

2 Pack BAUER Supreme S180 Season 2017 Ice Hockey Sticks Intermediate Flex The all new 2017 Bauer Supreme S180 Composite Stick is designed to give you the strong performance you have come to expect from the Bauer Supreme line of sticks. Sticking true to it’s Supreme roots, this stick is a well-balanced and responsive stick. […]