2 pack Bauer Supreme 170 Composite Ice Hockey Sticks Senior. The Bauers Supreme 170 Composite Hockey Stick utilizes an Aero Foam 1 blade core. The shaft has square, double-concave dimensions for a comfortable feel and maximum control, and features a mid-kick point with a Supreme power taper. The finish makes it super easy to grip. […]

2 Pack Bauer Supreme S160 NO GRIP Ice Hockey Sticks YOUTH Season 2016. The 2017 Bauer Supreme S160 Stick is perfect for the occasional or rec-level player who’s looking for hard shot power. Bauer used their high-kick point that provides maximum velocity while the strong, durable blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass gives it great […]

2 Pack Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 GRIP Ice Hockey Sticks. The TotalOne MX3 Stick is Bauer’s latest top-end model for the Supreme stick lineup. New for this year is the Power Sense 2 Blade Core. Bauer was able to improve the original version by fusing the blade core to Bauer’s TeXtreme Carbon. This integration […]